3mm CA syringe filter, 0.45um 03CP045AS

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Housings are specifically designed to minimize sample holdup and maximize recovery

  • Non-pigmented acrylic or polypropylene (PP) housings feature integral filter sealing to avoid the risk of contamination from pigments and adhesives
  • Each filter is clearly marked with membrane pore size
  • Housings have standard luer connectors; 50-mm filters feature 7 to 13.5 mm hose barb connectors
  • Membrane MaterialPolytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE); Hydrophobic
  • Pore Size (µm)0.5
  • Membrane Diameter (mm)13
  • Housing MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
  • Sample Volume (mL)<2 mL
  • SterileNo
  • Retention Volume (mL)<0.01
  • Filtration Area (cm²)0.06
  • Max Pressure (PSI)75
  • Max Pressure (bar)5.1
  • Max Operating Temperature (° F)140
  • Max Operating Temperature (° C)60


Products specifications
Type PP housing
Media Cellulose Acetate
Pore size 0.45um
Diameter 3mm
Pack Size 100