Extraction Thimble Filters Cellulose Thimbles 30x100mm No.86R 30x100mm

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High purity extraction thimbles from Advantec MFS are available in cellulose, borosilicate glass, silica fiber, and PTFE.

  • No. 84 – Cellulose Thimbles: Suitable for Soxhlet type extractions or dust sampling. Lipid content <0.1% by weight.
  • No. 86R – Glass Fiber Thimbles: Made of strong borosilicate glass fibers, resitant to high temperatures 500°C and most acids.
  • No. 88R, 88RH – Silica Fiber Thimbles: Made of quartz fibers, resitant to 1000°C. Tapered for easy stack sampler loading.
  • No. 89, 895 – PTFE Fiber and PTFE/Silica Fiber Thimbles: Durable, temperature-resistant thimbles with minimal trace metals.

Applicationsinclude: monitoring dust, organic, metal, or other pollutants.



Extraction thimble measurements are standard measurements of Inner Diameter (I.D.) x Height.

Products specifications
Pack Size 25
i.d. 30mm
Length 100mm