Membrane Filter CA 0.45um 47mm C020A047A

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  • MaterialCellulose Acetate
  • Pore Size (µm)0.2
  • Diameter (mm)47
  • Bubble Point (PSI)47
  • Bubble Point3.24
  • Max Water Flow Rate (L/min/cm²)0.02
  • Max Water Flow Rate (mL/min/cm²)16
  • Max Air Flow Rate (L/min/cm²)2
  • Max Air Flow Rate (mL/min/cm²)2000
  • DescriptionCellulose Acetate Membranes; 47 mm dia; 0.20 µm; 



Cellulose acetate membranes have lower binding affinities for charged macromolecules then cellulose nitrate. Retention is primarily based on precipitate size — use to separate bound and unbound proteins. Membranes also have low-swelling properties making them ideal for use with alcohol based solutions. Membranes withstand temperatures to 180°C (356°F).