Membrane Filter MCE 0.45um 47mm A045H047W

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  • MaterialMixed Cellulose Ester
  • Pore Size (µm)0.45
  • Diameter (mm)47
  • SurfaceGridded
  • Absorbent PadNot included


Mixed cellulose ester membranes are suitable for microbiological analysis of water, wastewater, pharmaceuticals, or beverages. Offered with or without grid lines; grid lines facilitate counting colonies on the membrane surface. Grid squares measure 3.1 mm and represent 1/100 of the area of a 47-mm membrane. Black membranes maximize contrast between colonies and the filter; green membrane enables viewing of black, white, and colorless colonies on a single filter.


Presterilized by EtO, these 47-mm diameter filters are available in envelopes of 10, individually packaged, or now individually wrapped continuous feed. Order membranes with absorbent pad for use with broth media.


Products specifications
Media MCE
Colour White
Type Grid
Pore size 0.45um
Diameter 47mm
Pack Size 1000