Membrane Filter MCE 0.45um 47mm A045A047A

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  • MaterialMixed Cellulose Ester
  • Pore Size (µm)0.45
  • Diameter (mm)47
  • Absorbent PadNot included
  • Bubble Point (PSI)35
  • Bubble Point2.41
  • Max Water Flow Rate (L/min/cm²)0.05
  • Max Water Flow Rate (mL/min/cm²)45
  • Max Air Flow Rate (L/min/cm²)3.7
  • Max Air Flow Rate (mL/min/cm²)3700



Mixed cellulose ester (MCE) membranes are made from over 90% cellulose nitrate and 10% cellulose acetate for strength and thermostability. Can be safely exposed to temperatures up to 130°>C (266°>F). Can be used for many laboratory applications including filter sterilizing biological fluids, microbiology, contamination analysis, and air monitoring.